For 20 years we have worked hard to promote real and lasting changes to teacher quality. We have grown from 10 professional developers who provided hands-on teacher training in 25 schools in our first year to four times the staff, providing direct services to thousands of teachers annually.
Over the course of nearly two decades we have partnered with more than half of New York City’s 1,750-plus public schools. During the past year we provided in-depth programming to approximately 1,600 teachers reaching 23,000 students in over 100 schools—the majority in underserved areas.

Impacting Children's Learning
An independent researcher validated our approach, and found that our pairing of an excellent curriculum with coaching and teamwork produced success. In schools with populations of greater than 80% poverty rates, students who were taught by teachers in our program achieved statistically significant and meaningful increases in writing performance and critical thinking skills.

Our Reach
Across the full spectrum of our programs, we reach nearly 80,000 students in 200 schools. Our budget hovers at about $6 million. We are a New York City professional development market leader—one of the top ten providers that serve the City’s schools. We are recognized as a real change agent in education.

Case Studies in Advancing Core Academic Skills

  1. JHS 216: Increasing ELA Proficiency - Especially Level 4
  2. PS 52: Excels in ELA
  3. PS 129: Improving ELA Proficiency