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12.8.13 - The Wall Street Journal, "Astor Estate Donates Money to New York Education"
"Combined, the Astor grants for early reading programs "focus on a really important spot," said Lynette Guastaferro, executive director of Teaching Matters.

9.23.13 - Gotham Schools, "For Weingarten, New York’s Common Core fight hits home"
"I get embarrassed when a state like California is figuring it out more than my beloved Empire State," Weingarten said Wednesday in a speech in midtown Manhattan, where she accepted an education award from the education nonprofit Teaching Matters.

9.23.13 - Epoch Times, "Heads of Teachers Union, State Education Department Agree on Common Core"
Two heavyweights in the education field discussed the Common Core curriculum testing, as well its connection to teacher evaluations, during the Teaching Matters annual luncheon, held at the Harvard Club in Manhattan on Oct. 23.

9.30.13 - NPR, WEAA: The Marc Steiner Show"Common Core: Is It Needed? & How Do We Implement It?"
An extensive discussion about the Common Core, educational standards intended to bring curricula that vary from state-to-state into alignment with one other.

9.9.13 - Huffington Post, "On the Brink of the Common Core Era, Principals Leading"
Despite its great promise, the Common Core is unlikely to be the "game changer" our policymakers hope it will be unless sensitive and skillful leadership is provided to shepherd the profound changes necessary.

9.5.13 - Teacher Certification Degrees, "Teaching Matters: Molding Great Educators"
To address the need for greater effectiveness, the organization called Teaching Matters is dedicated to helping schools, especially in urban settings, develop teacher performance.

8.30.13 - Gotham Schools, "Recipient of this year’s Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters"
Salvador Fernandez, principal of J.H.S. 52 in Inwood, is the recipient of this year’s Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters.

8.29.13 - DNAInfo New York, "Inwood Principal Wins $15,000 Award for Teacher Development Program"
Salvador Fernandez, the head of Inwood JHS 52, beat out four finalists around the city to claim the 2013 Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize.

8.9.13 - Gotham Schools, "Close-reading one seventh-grade state English test question"
Teaching Matters' Jen Murtha, Director of Educational Services, shares her insights in today's Gotham Schools story about specific English language arts (ELA) test questions.

8.1.13 - Learning Forward JSD, "Reading, writing, and rubrics: Norming process guides teachers as they evaluate student work"
A writing program for middle school using a norming protocol offers important lessons for expanding teachers' assessment capabilities through professional learning.

6.3.13 -, NPR, Morning Edition
Lynette Guastaferro, Executive Director speaking about the NYC teacher evaluation system

4.11.13 -, "A Signature Bloomberg-Era Education Innovation Is At A Crossroads"
"Siewart argues that school improvement isn't analogous to one-time solutions or product fixes; rather, he says, it's about iterative learning and follow-through."

12.13.12 - Youth Today, "Excellent Curriculum and Coached Teacher Teams Produce Success"
".With new standards and assessments for students being adopted across theLynette Guastaferro country, many education groups are urgently trying to demonstrate that their teaching interventions have a positive effect. "

2.11.13 -, "Give Back to Teachers at CharitySub in February"
"...Teachers in urban schools are trained through Teaching Matters to build skills that help close the learning gaps within each grade. ...."

12.13.12 - Youth Today, "Students in Coaching-Centered Writing Program Post Statistically Significant Gains"
"...ALTA Solutions Group found that students in schools with "Writing Matters" curriculum demonstrated greater levels of improvement in writing skills than students at schools without the program in place...."

11.27.12 - Gotham Schools, "Video: Teachers show off student work aligned to Common Core"
"GothamSchools' makeshift art gallery Monday night featured student essays about wolves, personal conflict, and classic fiction dotted the walls..."

10.18.12 - NY Daily News, "A Partner in Civics"
"Involving younger citizens and future voters in the political process is essential to building informed, active and engaged communities.."

7.24.12 -, "Staten Island School Wins $15,000 Prize for Innovative Teaching Model"
"The winner of the $15,000 prize was the  Staten Island School of Civic Leadership. The public, pre-K-8 school, located in Graniteville, beat out almost 100 other entries with its “triad teaching model...” 
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5.25.12 - New York Times, "A Spotlight on Teaching, Not Teachers"
"We applaud Bill Gates for financing research on defining and measuring effective teaching..."
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7.19.11 - GothamSchools, "Online teacher collaboration nets West Side school $15,000"
"The tools, showcased in a video the school produced, last week won Principal Jeanne Rotunda the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for School Innovation from Teaching Matters, a nonprofit that helps schools integrate technology..."
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6.28.11 - WNYC, "The Big Fix: Fixing Schools, Fixing Teachers"
"Wolff got training from Jelbin De La Cruz, a consultant from the group Teaching Matters, who helped 16 teachers at Chelsea make better use of technology in English, history, science and math..."
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1.29.10 - NY Community Trust, "Helping Schools Harness Learning Technologies"
"Nothing convinces a principal that they can do something new more than seeing another principal do it..."
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7.20.09 - Gotham Schools, "No more free messages for text-happy principals"
"Because they are received faster than e-mail, text messages can be a useful tool for tech-savvy school leaders, according to Lynette Guastaferro, head of Teaching Matters..."
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3.25.09 - Gotham Schools, "Under pressure to score tests faster, a proposal to scrap writing"
"Lynette Guastaferro, the executive director of Teaching Matters, a non-profit based in the city, said eliminating writing would make the test less rigorous. “I’m not in favor of throwing out the section that I think tests higher-order thinking skills..."
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10.21.08 - The Village Voice ,''Learning 2.0' Brings Schools into the Digital Age"
"At the Joseph B. Cavallaro middle school in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, teachers say an autistic student who had been completely mute began to speak when his class did a computer writing lesson developed in the 2.0 mold, by the nonprofit Teaching Matters...."
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10.6.08 - CBS 2 Interview

10.6.08 - New York Post, "'24-Hour' Students to Cast a Wide 'Net"
"We just saw this as an opportunity to bridge the home-school component," said Evan O'Donnell, technology director at Teaching Matters, the nonprofit group that's organizing the program..."
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9.30.08 - The New York Sun, "Low-Price Laptops Tested at City Schools"
"...Ms. Guastaferro's group is not only putting the computers in schools but is developing a curriculum to help teachers use them in the classroom...."
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4.22.08 - Education Week, "Companies Targeting Low-Cost ‘Netbooks’ Directly at Education"
"...A smaller test of the XO has been under way since January at Kappa IV Middle School, in New York City, led by Teaching Matters, a nonprofit group that helps schools rethink their use of technology, usually through professional development..." view story

4.15.08 - eSchool News, "Technology helps boost students' writing skills"
"...The nonprofit group Teaching Matters has invested more than $2 million in the development of Writing Matters, a comprehensive middle-school writing program that integrates technology to support student writers in grades 5-9. The program gives teachers free online access to a private or public publishing and collaboration space for their classroom..." view story

3.26.08 - New York City Council Honors Teaching Matters
"The Council of the City of New York is proud and pleased to honor Teaching Matters, Inc. and Computers for Youth for their commitment to improve the school and home learning environments of many of New York City’s most underserved students.  Through the innovative and effective use of technology, these two organizations increase student engagement in core academic areas and help students do better in school." view full proclamation


9.20.05 - Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg names September 20th, 2005 "Teaching Matters Day" in recognition of Elizabeth Rohatyn's (Teaching Matters' board chairman) work with NYC public schools.

6.28.05 - "Thirteen WNET New York Community Hall of Fame" in recognition of outstanding community service and leadership

9.22.02 - "Excellence in E-Learning" award from Brandon-Hall and Online Learning Magazine.

7.14.00 - D.R.E.A.M. (Dedicating Resources for Education and Motivation) Award from the New York City Council.