Angelique JacquesMarcoulis
Senior Educational Consultant

Angelique JacquesMarcoulis received a Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University and worked in public defense until The Violent Crime Control and Enforcement Act of 1994 altered legal criminal defense in the U.S. Acutely aware of the dichotomy of social justice and quality public school education, Dr. JacquesMarcoulis went on to complete Master's courses of study in teaching and educational supervision from National University and C.S.U., Sacramento, respectively. She also holds certifications to teach English Learners. She received dual Bachelors of Arts Degrees from Mills College in biology and English. She has taught students, grades K-12, in urban and rural communities. The subject areas she has taught include biology, English, ESL, reading and composition, U.S. History, U.S Government, Algebra I, and Spanish to native speakers. Dr. JacquesMarcoulis has served as a vice-principal, principal, and curriculum coordination in the traditional public school system, and director of instruction and executive director for a charter middle school and social justice charter high school, respectively. Dr. JacquesMarcoulis was born in South Central Los Angeles and raised by a single mother. Dr. JacquesMarcoulis remains committed to serve in public education because she believes it guarantees the promises of our American Democracy.