Edith Schneider
Senior Educational Consultant

Edith Schneider is an experienced science educator who has taught biology, chemistry, research as well as general science to NYC high school and middle school students for more than ten years. She is also former judge for the NYC High School Science Fair (at City College) for which she has had many students both prepare and submit research projects. Ms. Schneider is very passionate about promoting hands-on, engaging, and inquiry based science to kids. She has more than ten years experience as an educational consultant and has worked on a variety of assignments for Teaching Matters, including teacher leadership, math and technology projects, curriculum writing, workshop development and general teacher training. As a senior consultant, she presently works with teachers to improve pedagogy and best practices in the classroom. Her goal is to make the subject of science fun, authentic and interesting to students of all ages so that the opportunities of STEM related careers are accessible to all, and to help schools support student progress.