Jennifer Apodaca

Educational Consultant

Jennifer Apodaca is a literacy consultant working on the Early Reading Matters initiative. She is passionate about supporting classroom teachers and schools with curriculum planning, assessment development, and implementation of professional learning targeted to the needs of individual schools and teachers.

Jennifer is a trained English Language Arts teacher with a license in grades 7-12, however she has had many years experience teaching elementary ages in both mathematics and ELA. She was selected and participated in an 18-month leadership program with the the New York City Leadership Academy, she was able to support schools in introducing effective school wide systems to improve student learning outcomes. Jennifer began her work in consulting over ten years ago, supporting urban school districts in both New York and New Jersey in the implementation of best practice for instruction in the area of balanced literacy across elementary schools.

Jennifer worked at the district office in Albuquerque, New Mexico to develop curriculum units and introduce assessments aligned to the Common Core for English Language Learners. In addition, Jennifer provided professional development for the district’s literacy coaches through a series of workshops with the goal of helping school leaders to better analyze and plan effective instruction aligned to student learning needs.

Jennifer returned to New York and supported the New York City Department of Education in an initiative to target and support low performing middle schools across the five boroughs. Her work in the Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) involved helping school leaders and teacher teams to implement school wide systems of assessment in literacy, integrate vocabulary instruction across content areas, and plan, develop and teach strategic reading lessons for students reading below grade level.

She is strong in supporting teachers, encouraging reflection, and providing feedback and ideas that are relevant to classroom application. She was featured on the Teaching Channel for her consulting work related to the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards in the content area. Jennifer holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English.