Judith Lefevre

Educational Consultant

Ms. LeFevre has taught in K-8 GenEd programs and special education programs for over 30 years, primarily in underserved communities in Arizona and NYC. Currently, she serves as a Senior Educational Consultant for Teaching Matters and a Clinical Professor in Elementary and Special Education for Northern Arizona University in undergraduate teacher education with an emphasis on student-centered, project/inquiry-based learning that is accessible to all students. She teaches courses that emphasize instructional design (Universal Design for Learning and Understanding by Design), math and science methods, and positive, inclusive learning environments. Ms. LeFevre is also active in promoting "next generation" student-parent conferencing with alternate assessment/demonstration to engage and include all families in a student's learning journey. Ms. LeFevre holds a BA in Education and a Master's in Teaching and Teacher Education from University of Arizona, Tucson. When she's not engaged in teaching and learning projects, she can be found hiking in and around the Grand Canyon, reading, movie-watching or trekking near her home at 7,000' in the forests of Flagstaff.