Pam Abramson

Senior Educational Consultant

Pamela Abramson is a Senior Educational Consultant for Teaching Matters. Pamela’s interest and expertise lies in early literacy instruction. Her work at Teaching Matters has included working on literacy instruction in both middle and elementary school. She has supported teachers and administrators in improving teacher practices, as well as developing common assessments, revising and improving curriculum. Most recently, she joined the Early Reading Matters team which focuses on training teachers to effectively teach high literacy practices to dramatically improve student’s proficiency in grades K through 3. Pamela is personally attuned to the challenges confronted by teachers in urban schools and has devoted much of her efforts in supporting these teachers in reaching the many needs of their students. Prior to joining the Teaching Matters team, Pamela evaluated the instructional practices of tenured teachers for continued service. Earlier in her career, Pam was a second and third grade teacher in a public New York City elementary school for 8 years. Pamela received an M.A. in Elementary Education from New York University and a B.A in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.