Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters

Teacher effectiveness is a hot topic these days, but lately the conversation and investment has focused on teacher evaluation.  While measuring teachers’ effectiveness is a significant first step, more important will be to use this information effectively and strategically to develop, retain and reward effective teachers.

There is no question that teaching matters. Accordingly, this year’s $15,000 Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize will highlight innovations in the area of teacher capacity-building and effectiveness. Teaching Matters is seeking nominations to highlight replicable, school-based strategies that education leaders implement in this area.    

Teaching Matters urges you to nominate a school principal whose leadership results in an academically rigorous and innovative learning environment. This year’s submissions will be accepted from all publicly-funded K-12 schools in the New York metropolitan area (within a 100 mile radius of New York City). The application and criteria for the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize are available here. Teachers, parents, principals and network leaders are encouraged to submit nominations.

There are schools that inspire and develop great teachers. Do you know one?   

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