Collaboration, not conflict, in education

After years of bitter disagreements from all sides in the education arena, a new approach is evolving. This one calls for harmony among the many voices trying to improve things for children. And though it's impossible to paper over real differences, there is a set of common goals that's resonating for groups as diverse as the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Teach for America (TFA).

Who is Formative Assessment Really For?

By Nick Siewert

My first post on the Teaching Matters Mastery Connect pilot this year was cheekily entitled, “It's 9 AM, do you know where your students are?”

Teaching Matters Celebrates 20 Years, and Honors Our Founder

Teaching Matters put on its party shoes and celebrated its 20th anniversary last night with friends and supporters. We honored founder and Chairman Emerita, Elizabeth Rohatyn, a champion of public education and the woman who made it all possible. Tweed Courthouse, headquarters of New York City’s Department of Education, was the lovely site for the festivities.

Teacher Leaders: Planting a flag – or foot – in the classroom

The goal of teacher leadership also includes improving teacher effectiveness very directly - through the collaborative help that an experienced teacher can give a colleague. In New York, Teaching Matters is working on a project that helps teacher leaders facilitate teams working with special populations to address their students’ needs better.

Creating Teacher Leadership Targets - and Hitting Them - with Micro-Credentials

By Leonard Sparks

As middle school English Language Arts (ELA) teacher Marlena Salubro grows, so do her students.

Teacher Leadership By Any Other Name: Distributing the Load at Tompkins Square Middle School

Tompkins Square Middle School (TSMS), located in the East Village section of Manhattan, is a very participatory place. Their principal of seven years, Sonhando Estwick, believes in trusting his staff to make good decisions. It’s a culture of direct democracy – or in education parlance,“distributed leadership.”

Teacher Leadership Helps Schools Start Students on the Right Foot

By Michelle Macchia

Harnessing Teacher Talent for Leadership: The Feds Invest in Spreading the Idea

By Leonard Sparks

It’s 9 am. Do You Know Where Your Students Are?

Teaching Matters is successfully piloting the use of Mastery Connect, a program that helps teachers focus on what really counts - whether students are mastering material and meeting new learning standards.

Create the Right Community Conditions

Boosting teacher and principal performance in high-needs schools is a solution to the achievement gap that’s hard to fault. But many urge a broader view and more resources to attack the stresses that contribute to unequal education, and not incidentally make it harder to recruit and retain educators.

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