Recommended Reading: "Teaching Digital Natives"

In Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning, internationally acclaimed writer, consultant and game designer Marc Prensky outlines strategies for engaging students in the classroom and making technologically-saavy students partners in their own learning.

In Chapter 2,  Moving to a Partnering Pedagogy, Prensky highlights Teaching Matters’ Voices and Choices curriculum as an exemplary model designed to meet the needs of the 21st century classroom:

“Guided, structured, or scaffolded partnering is practiced by many teachers who do project- or inquiry-based learning with students considered to be at risk. One group that helps many teachers do guided partnering is a New York City organization called Teaching Matters (www. They offer packaged solutions in the form of fully designed partnering projects on a variety of topics. Their designs include not only guiding questions, but also activities for the student to do in order to answer those questions. They also scaffold carefully the role of the teacher. An example is a partnering project on civil rights (see The project takes students from a guiding question asking them to define “civil rights,” through the following five steps:  Understand Injustice, Study Methods of Action, Describe a Movement, Create a Campaign, and Make a Difference. Specific links to resources, people timelines, and plans of action are provided.”

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