What Do You Stand For? Micro Credentials Define What Systems Value

A superintendent stands at a podium and clicks to the opening slide of the district’s new strategic plan. It reads “(insert your city) Children First” or “(insert your city) Preparing 21st Century Citizens” or “(insert your city) Achieves.” The slides lay out carefully crafted, well researched and thought-out plans to tackle the serious challenges facing school systems.

Micro-Credentials Support Targeted Professional Learning

About two years ago, Teaching Matters decided to couple professional development focusing on teacher leadership with a micro-credentialing plan that identifies, coaches, and rewards the kind of digestible chunks of knowledge and competence that are especially worthwhile. We made it our business to target the highest leverage skills in a prioritized and integrated way so that demonstrating these competencies is meaningful and substantial - and they can be recognized as the essentials that characterize a well-prepared teacher leader.

Creating Teacher Leadership Targets - and Hitting Them - with Micro-Credentials

By Leonard Sparks

As middle school English Language Arts (ELA) teacher Marlena Salubro grows, so do her students.

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