Teacher Leadership in the Spotlight

This is the hour of "teacher leadership." It's one we don't want to waste.

Nationwide, the idea is gaining traction as a school improvement strategy. It's being endorsed by unions, ed reformers, front-line educators, researchers, and policymakers alike.

Teacher Leaders: Planting a flag – or foot – in the classroom

The goal of teacher leadership also includes improving teacher effectiveness very directly - through the collaborative help that an experienced teacher can give a colleague. In New York, Teaching Matters is working on a project that helps teacher leaders facilitate teams working with special populations to address their students’ needs better.

Creating Teacher Leadership Targets - and Hitting Them - with Micro-Credentials

By Leonard Sparks

As middle school English Language Arts (ELA) teacher Marlena Salubro grows, so do her students.

Teacher Leadership By Any Other Name: Distributing the Load at Tompkins Square Middle School

Tompkins Square Middle School (TSMS), located in the East Village section of Manhattan, is a very participatory place. Their principal of seven years, Sonhando Estwick, believes in trusting his staff to make good decisions. It’s a culture of direct democracy – or in education parlance,“distributed leadership.”

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