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Some recent press clippings:

Forbes: How Micro-Credentialing is Turning Teachers into Leaders 12/13/2018, In the News

In this article for Forbes, Teaching Matters' CEO Lynette Guastaferro shares how districts across the country are seeing more value in developing teacher leaders and that micro-credentials are the way to turn teachers into leaders.

Teaching Matters on Fox 5 11/26/2018, In the News

Fox 5's Antwan Lewis discusses how improving early literacy instruction has big results for New York City schools with Lynette Guastaferro, Teaching Matters CEO.

How Can We Change The Culture Of Our School Districts Through Professional Development? 09/04/2018, In the News

Teaching Matters’ CEO Lynette Guastaferro recently spoke with The TeacherCast Educational Network about the power of microcredentials and our work in Tennessee and Arkansas!

Improve Vocabulary, Thinking Skills and Motivation to Read by Reading to Your Children from Material Above their Reading Level 08/06/2018, In the News

This week’s Mom Enough guest, Lynette Guastaferro, CEO of Teaching Matters, challenges us to take reading to our kids to a new level, whether they are preschoolers or teens.

The Real Estate Investor Betting on Big Returns from a Local Early Reading Program 08/01/2018, In the News

Sonny Kalsi came across the education nonprofit Teaching Matters about four years ago when he asked a friend how to get more involved in philanthropy at home in New York City. Since then, the real estate investor has donated and helped raise nearly $1 million in support of the organization’s early literacy program, Early Reading Matters.

Teaching Matters Receives $3.6 Million to Expand Literacy Program 07/12/2018, In the News

Teaching Matters, a New York City-based nonprofit dedicated to increasing teacher effectiveness, has announced a three-year, $3.6 million grant from the New York Community Trust to expand its Early Reading Matters program and develop a data tool that will monitor students' progress toward grade-level reading.

How to help struggling young readers 07/10/2018, In the News

At P.S. 218 in the Bronx, a high-poverty public bilingual school where nearly 90 percent of the students are Hispanic and 32 percent are English language learners, early-grade teachers have spent the last three years learning how to do a better job of teaching students to read — and they are seeing results.

Philanthropy News Digest 06/14/2018, In the News
The organization's programs are aimed at building the capacity of a core group of effective "teacher leaders" who can help strengthen the instructional practice of their colleagues.

This Is How We Get More Millennials to Be Teachers 06/12/2018, In the News
When salary, stress levels and upward mobility are among the top career priorities for millennials, the state of our nation’s teaching profession is more dire than the recent strikes indicate.

Who is Teaching the Teacher? Lynette Guastaferro - Part I 04/18/2018, In the News
America spends more money on education than any other country in the world and our results aren’t great. Recently data from PISA says that U.S. students rank around the middle in math and science. Given America’s leading position in the global economy this is NOT acceptable – what is the answer?