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Some recent press clippings:

For Equity in Teaching 11/17/2014, In the News

The New York Times
To the Editor: We applaud the federal government’s renewed focus on working to assure that excellent teaching is spread equitably, and that children in our country's poorest communities aren’t shortchanged by our public schools. But while the mandate is a good step, we know from 20 years of experience in distressed urban settings that the prescription is hard to fill.

What Fariña wants to keep from the Bloomberg era: tech, leadership focus 10/31/2014, In the News

Though Chancellor Carmen Fariña has spent much of her first 10 months as head of the school system working to undo policies established by her predecessors, the Bloomberg administration should get credit for a couple of things, she said Wednesday.

Chancellor Fariña Says Discipline Code Revisions Still in the Works 10/31/2014, In the News

Fariña spoke about her shakeup of school superintendents at a luncheon sponsored by the professional development group Teaching Matters, regarding school leadership.

Teaching Matters Introduces Digital Badges for Teacher-Leaders 10/28/2014, In the News

THE Journal
Teaching Matters will offer the micro-credentials, "digital badges," in a pilot program involving 150 teachers in New York City schools that will have meta-data embedded in them to provide evidence of the teachers' expertise and capacity to lead.

Brooklyn principal changing James Madison High’s rep 07/25/2014, In the News

NY Daily News
Cohen was named the top principal in the metro area, beating out veteran educators for the $25,000 Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize, and helped the school begin to shed its randy rep.

Student-Poets Open Up Using Rhyme and Meter 06/09/2014, In the News

A jittery and excited gaggle of about 250 middle schoolers from 17 different New York City public schools gathered recently for the culminating event of a four-week poetry writing program run by the group Teaching Matters...

Educators question contract’s bet on teacher training over student tutoring 05/06/2014, In the News

Chalkbeat New York
"When our entire educational force has to reboot because of the Common Core, it is essential that teachers have time to learn..."

Ask the Experts: 7 Ways to Improve K-12 Public Education 04/16/2014, In the News

"No teacher is an island. And yet in the traditional education model, each teacher works alone, isolated in his or her own classroom without adequate communication or support from the school — or from peers. This is "really a factory-style model," says Lynette Guastaferro, executive director of Teaching Matters, a nonprofit advocacy group in New York City."

Astor Estate Donates Money to New York Education 12/08/2013, In the News

The Wall Street Journal:
"Combined, the Astor grants for early reading programs "focus on a really important spot," said Lynette Guastaferro, executive director of Teaching Matters.

The Marc Steiner Show"Common Core: Is It Needed? & How Do We Implement It?" 09/29/2013, In the News

An extensive discussion about the Common Core, educational standards intended to bring curricula that vary from state-to-state into alignment with one other.