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Some recent press clippings:

Close-reading one seventh-grade state English test question 08/09/2013, In the News

Gotham Schools:
Teaching Matters' Jen Murtha, Director of Educational Services, shares her insights in today's Gotham Schools story about specific English language arts (ELA) test questions.

Reading, writing, and rubrics: Norming process guides teachers as they evaluate student work 08/01/2013, In the News

Learning Forward JSD:
A writing program for middle school using a norming protocol offers important lessons for expanding teachers' assessment capabilities through professional learning.

NPR, Morning Edition 06/13/2013, In the News
Lynette Guastaferro, Executive Director speaking about the NYC teacher evaluation system

A Signature Bloomberg-Era Education Innovation Is At A Crossroads 04/11/2013, In the News

Gotham Schools:
"Siewart argues that school improvement isn't analogous to one-time solutions or product fixes; rather, he says, it's about iterative learning and follow-through."

Excellent Curriculum and Coached Teacher Teams Produce Success 12/13/2012, In the News

Youth Today:
"With new standards and assessments for students being adopted across theLynette Guastaferro country, many education groups are urgently trying to demonstrate that their teaching interventions have a positive effect. "