The Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize

for Schools Where Teaching Matters

2018 Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters will be awarding the seventh Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize to a principal representing a public school that advances opportunities for students by positioning teachers to lead, learn, and thrive. The winning school will receive a one-time award of $25,000 to advance, expand or replicate an initiative already underway. Funds may be applied to staffing, consultants, release or common planning time, software, hardware, or other resources specific to the initiative.

Submissions must demonstrate exemplary practices in increasing teacher effectiveness. Examples include but are not limited to: teacher leadership (or distributed leadership) initiatives, collaborative Inquiry, structures that expand opportunities for professional learning; and the development of career pathways that help retain great teachers.

K-12 publicly-funded schools within a 100-mile radius of New York City are eligible, and submissions should be made by principals. Applications will be accepted from March 5th to May 11th, 2018 at midnight.

The five finalists will be showcased at the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize Luncheon being held on Wednesday July 18, 2018 in New York City.

Please use the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize rubric to guide you in completing your application.

Principal Applicant Information

School Information

Initiative Information

Please provide a detailed description of your initiative. Be sure to explain how it is supported by and supportive of your school’s instructional priorities. In your submission, address the following criteria which the judges will use to evaluate each proposal. For reference, please access a copy of the full rubric.

  • Supportive of Learning – The initiative benefits student learning outcomes.
  • Expectations for Effective Teaching – The initiative promotes a culture of clear and shared high expectations for instructional practice and student outcomes.
  • Promotes Professional Growth and Leadership – The initiative encourages intentional teacher leadership, development and recognition of excellence.
  • Cost Effectiveness - The initiative contains costs without compromising its integrity.
  • Sustainability – The initiative is supported by and supportive of a critical school instructional priority. It has the potential to scale to other parts of the school.
  • Replicability - The initiative can be replicated in other schools with a minimum of difficulty.


Please provide one of the following: short (no longer than five minutes) video clip, report or testimonial of initiative in action, or other artifacts that demonstrate change in teacher practice or student outcomes that resulted from implementation. 

Video submissions are strongly encouraged. Video Submission Instructions and Tips

Please provide urls for your evidence and a short description of the item(s) you are including so that judges understand the context.


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