The Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize

for Schools Where Teaching Matters

Congratulations to the Finalists!

The following five schools have advanced to the finalist stage in the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters. Congratulations! Read summaries of their applications, and immediately below, take a look at descriptions of work submitted by the remaining schools which reached the semi-finalist stage.

Abraham Lincoln High School
Principal Ari A. Hoogenboom (NYC)

Abraham Lincoln HS is expanding its professional learning offerings for its teachers through TODD, Teachers Organizing Dynamic Design, a teacher-facilitated workshop series. They are planning to create a boot camp to train teachers to become workshop facilitators, including 20-30% of their staff. Ultimately, the goal would be to have a pool of trained facilitators for adult learners who share the same vision for teachers, share the same methods and strategies, and seek to develop professional learning that meets the needs of students.

IS 5 - Walter Crowley
Principal Kelly Nepogoda (NYC)

One vehicle for teacher collaboration at IS005 is Mastery Connect, a tool that provides teachers with a structured platform for creating common assessments, monitoring progress and making grade-level instructional decisions. The pilot team - Grade 6 ELA - is currently meeting bimonthly with a facilitator in order to enter existing assessments and create standards-based tasks and mid-unit assessments.The resulting assessment data will allow teachers to plan for flexible grouping. Firm foundations in teacher teaming and inquiry are required to do this work. Funding will support continued coaching in this area.

MS 137
Principal Laura Mastrogiovanni (NYC)

MS137 currently participates in the Teacher Incentive Fund teacher leadership program. The school team includes four Peer Collaborative Teachers (PCT) and six Model Teachers (MT) representative of major subject areas and grade levels. The team’s priority is to support the school’s goals and instructional focus. Funding will enable the school to expand this work. Priority is to extend this opportunity to teachers of English Language Learning and Students with Disabilities.

Principal Katherine Witzke (NYC)

The goal of the PS 9 Peer Collaboration Initiative is to build a community of collaboration through peer support. In Spring 2015, 22 teachers worked together to recognize and utilize strong pedagogy in the building, focused on a desire to learn from colleagues. Funding will sustain this work through which lead teachers/point-persons provide support, observation opportunities and PD sessions to model and improve best practices. The Prize will allow the school to train point-persons.

Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science
Principal David Krulwich (NYC)

Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science is structured around collaboration and shared lesson planning that is particularly supportive of new teachers. The result is that all teachers engage in a constant mentoring process that provides a "career path." New teachers participate in small group collaboration focused on daily work. The team leader of these teams of 2 - 3 staff is a successful veteran teacher. As opposed to traditional professional development, this process provides the depth and intensity of support required at this stage of a teacher's career.

Thank you to the semi-finalists!

High School for Excellence and Innovation
Information Technology High School
PS/MS 50
Village Academy Middle School
Young Women's Leadership School