The Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize

for Schools Where Teaching Matters

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Finalists!

The following five schools have advanced to the finalist stage in the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters. Congratulations!

MS 343/Academy of Applied Technology and Mathematics
Principal Vincent Gassetto (NYC)

MS 343's initiative benefits both students and teachers through reflection on student work. While the school has a firmly established (over five years) collaborative inquiry approach to "looking at student work," this initiative will take their efforts to the next level through the creation of a data bank to house multiple sources of student math data which is accessible both to teaching staff and students. The information will deepen inquiry by teachers and, more importantly, inform students on instructional strengths and gaps to work on. Funding will support the development of the data bank. The ultimate goal is to expand this work beyond the math department to the other academic disciplines.

International Community High School
Principal Berena Cabarcas (NYC)

International Community High School, serves a high needs population of recent immigrants in the South Bronx. Through their teacher leadership initiative, formally developed in 2015-16, the school has addressed many challenges. All teachers are members of a committee per the distributed leadership governance model which uses a consensus protocol to hear all voices. Through the initiative, the school has established peer observations, student-led conferences and restorative justice practices. Student performance and graduation rates have increased. The school currently outperforms NYS by 40%. Funding will primarily be used for per session to provide teachers with additional time to collaborate and develop leadership capacity.

PS 253Q
Principal Phoebe Robinson (NYC)

PS 253's initiative aims to promote collaborative analysis of data and related teacher practice guided by teacher leaders. Teacher leaders guide colleagues through an inquiry process using their "Looking at Teacher Practice" protocol in Lesson Study Cycles that incorporate peer intervisitation facilitated by teachers. Peer intervisitation serves as a formative tool for teacher growth. Funding will pay for coverages that will make it possible for teachers to visit one another's classrooms.

Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and Technology
Principal Maria Herrera (NYC)

The RHS Tiered Support Structure is a differentiated teacher support model developed through a partnership between the school's adminstration and content team leaders to provide teachers with the appropriate level of guidance to develop their instructional "toolkits." Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize funding will pay for time required beyond the school day for teachers and collaborators to plan and debrief.

The Richard H. Hungerford School/P721R
Principal Mary McInerney (NYC)

The Hungerford School, a special education school incorporting 8 sites throughout Staten Island, developed the New Teacher Institute (NTI) to address the needs of first year teachers. NTI provides a stress free environment for these teachers to share their thoughts and challenges and engage in collaborative brainstorming with guidance from a mentor. Second and third year teachers continue to meet several times throughout the year to continue their collaborative learning. Funding will help address budget concerns regarding staff coverages for NTI members, mentors and in-house trainers and specialists.