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Teaching Matters. That is not only our name, but our profound belief, and the belief of our founder, the late Elizabeth Rohatyn. In its seventh year, the Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters will award $25,000 to a public school that advances opportunities for students by positioning teachers to lead, learn, and thrive.

2016 Winner: PS009

Principal Katherine Witzke (NYC)

The goal of the PS 9 Peer Collaboration Initiative is to build a community of collaboration through peer support. In Spring 2015, 22 teachers worked together to recognize and utilize strong pedagogy in the building, focused on a desire to learn from colleagues. Funding will sustain this work through which lead teachers/point-persons provide support, observation opportunities and PD sessions to model and improve best practices. The Prize will allow the school to train point-persons.

Past Winners

Regina Tottenham,
Brooklyn Transition Center (K373)

James Madison High School

Jodie Cohen,
James Madison High School

Dr. Salvador Fernandez,

Rose Kerr,
Staten Island School of Civic Leadership (R861)

Jeanne Rotunda,
West Side Collaborative (M250)


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