Curriculum Adoption

Curriculum adoption is a complex process involving the implementation of a new curriculum program in a subject area within a school. When effective, the impact of curriculum adoption will be seen in the work of the teacher and students, in all aspects of teaching and learning.

This guide contains resources to support teachers/teams in becoming fully versed in the content, pedagogy, materials and structures embedded within the program.

Phase 1: Unpacking
Provides the "lay of the land" for teachers and leaders by offering an overview of the fundamentals - content, learning targets, structures, materials and assessments. Incorporated in this phase is execution of an initial unit of study.

Phase 2: Deepening Understanding and Practice
Goes beyond the fundamentals. This in-depth work is when teachers grapple with and "figure out" the content and associated rigor. Teams may choose to focus on one or more of the following strands: Content, Pedagogy, Pacing and Prioritizing, and Making Connections to the Framework for Teaching.