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William LaConte

Educational Consultant

William LaConte is a Literacy Educational Consultant for the Early Reading Matters program at Teaching Matters. In this role, William supports schools in achieving their set goals, while offering his expertise and creativity to support teachers in their everyday classroom environment. Prior to joining Teaching Matters, William was a classroom teacher with ten years of experience in kindergarten, first and second grade. He worked with a team of teachers to help students achieve progress with their literacy skills through a student-centered approach. He has helped to train and coach teachers to use best practices within the classroom. His goal is to create an environment where teachers feel supported and listened to, in order to help their students achieve their highest potential.
William received his degree in Elementary Education from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. He then received a master’s degree in Special Education for Elementary Education from Lehman College. Recently, he completed courses from eCornell regarding Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement in Leadership. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting his family and spending time along the beach in Rhode Island.