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Excellent teaching for every student.

An equitable education begins where support matters most: in the classroom.

Why Teaching Matters

Excellent coaching for every teacher.

At Teaching Matters, we work with schools to enrich professional learning for educators that is evidence-based, culturally responsive, and proven to increase teacher effectiveness. As a result, more students access excellent teaching and we build more equitable classrooms in the face of a radically unequal education system.

Opportunity gaps in the American education system harm millions of students, predominantly in low-income, Black, and Latino communities. By collaborating with school communities to grow teacher capacity and improve student outcomes, we help close the opportunity gap for under-served and historically marginalized children.

Over 25 Years of Student Success

We’ve worked alongside thousands of educators to advance teaching practices that foster challenging and joyful classroom communities where every student can thrive.


Schools Supported


Teachers Trained


Students Impacted

Our Services

Educators can work with our coaches one-on-one, in groups, or through structured programs to deepen their knowledge and cultivate student success. Our professional development services are focused in the following areas:

”The teachers are eager to work with Mr. LaConte and his leadership, and expertise are greatly appreciated.”

Sergio Caceres

Principal, X215

Network for School Improvement (NSI)

With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Teaching Matters established a network of 16 middle schools focused on college and career readiness for Black and Latino students and students who are experiencing poverty. Explore our ongoing insights and outcomes from this pilot program.

Meet the Team

Our team includes former educators and administrators who have a deep understanding and appreciation of the classroom experience. They provide our partner schools with invaluable insider perspective and empathy-driven solutions.

Your Support Matters

An investment in professional development and coaching for teachers means investing in our children’s success. Learn how you can contribute to our mission.

Guided by Values, Driven by Outcomes

Our team is leading the movement to develop and recognize effective teachers through innovative and sustainable approaches that lead to measurable student success.

Dr. Reshma Ramkellawan

Senior Educational Consultant

What does it mean to you to be a Teaching Matters coach?

Being a TMI coach allows me to continue my life's work and mission to improve our society's approach to how we see our children. It allows me to intentionally work against systemic racism and develop schooling spaces that can be liberating for all.