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Early Childhood (PreK)

Our PreK program sets the stage for truly transformational work with children and educators by developing and implementing a first-rate literacy, language, and social-emotional model. Our district and organizational support provides turn-key strategies and direct training in pedagogy, assessments, and data systems.

Program Outcomes

These measures seek to ensure that at least 85% of children reach Widely Held Expectations benchmarks and in validated instruments (e.g., TOPEL, GOLD)

Provide high-quality interactive read-alouds

We will support teachers as they conduct high-quality interactive read-alouds three times per week for the duration of the coaching cycle.

Build high-quality small group activities

Teachers will design high-quality center and small group activities, including Phonological and Print Awareness, Phonics, and Writing.

Enrich children’s vocabulary and social-emotional skills

Our read-aloud model seeks to enrich children’s vocabulary, social-emotional skills through high quality conversations and interactions.

Our Services & Programs

Early Learning Matters

  • 10 weeks of on-site support
  • 2 days of intensive learning focused on social-emotional skill development
  • A professional learning sequence encompassing:
    • Introducing teachers to the content and pedagogy of early instruction
    • Modeling the teaching strategies
    • Planning collaboratively using lesson planning tools, templates and data analysis to monitor child progress
  • Coaching that uses observable instructional competencies to advance teacher practice
  • Turn-key expertise and support for public school districts, grantees, administrators, and community based organizational systems in:
    • Small group instruction (PPA, Phonics, Writing, Math)
    • Special Education Foundations
    • Repeated Interactive Reads
    • Assessments and Data Systems of Support

High Quality Curriculum Expertise

Teaching Matters’ programs and services are aligned and support high quality early childhood reading curriculum.

“Teaching Matters gave the children more ways to understand their feelings and express themselves as well.”


Nia Center

Our Projected Reach

Our goal is to support schools in Creative Curriculum, Reggio-Inspired, and district-created curricula. We also want to work with district-wide coaches and administration in the tri-state area in providing high-leverage and high-impact trainings on coaching to outcomes.


Community based organizations and public school settings reached in NYC and Chicago


Teachers and paraprofessionals


Children supported in direct programming

“My greatest accomplishment was being able to observe children begin to utilize and show understanding of the Tier I, II and feelings vocabulary. I really feel more confident in being able to take all what I've learned and apply it to continuous weekly read aloud in the future and hopefully be a positive model for my team members as well.”

Anonymous Teacher

Taylor Center


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