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Math (K-8)

Get support from an experienced coach to help your school enact an approach to curriculum, instruction and assessment that is grounded in learning acceleration. This approach addresses unfinished learning, starts with the current grade’s content and provides “just in time” support to students in an inclusive classroom environment.

Program Outcomes

Improved teacher practice

Teachers learn and implement math-specific instructional practices that are proven to move the needle on student learning.

Collaborative and data-focused math teams

Math teams improve collaborative practices for monitoring student progress and acting on data.

Students grow as mathematicians

Students demonstrate mastery of grade level standards, and feel that the mathematics they are learning is important, useful and meaningful.

Our Services & Programs

Math Matters

  • 15 or more professional development days with a highly qualified math coach.
  • Needs assessment with an aligned action plan.
  • Access to a set of clearly defined math-specific instructional practices to accelerate student learning and establish culturally responsive classroom environments
  • Ongoing progress monitoring
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High Quality Curriculum Expertise

Teaching Matters’ programs and services are aligned and support high quality math curriculum.

Students Meeting Their Annual Growth Goal

Gains in Math Instruction

When we provided coaching for educators that was focused on “learning acceleration,” we found that teachers improved mastery of their practice—and those with the most observable improvement also had the highest percentage of students who then met their growth goals.

"Deborah is very supportive.
You wouldn't know she doesn't live in the building."

Sean Brock

Assistant Principal, X296


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