The ABCs of Teaching Reading

Teaching reading is complex. Teaching Matters' Early Reading Matters program is tackling the challenge, with great results. CNN reports about how it's being done.

More on "Testing Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word"

While everybody’s talking about re-orientating how children’s learning is assessed, hear from one of our partner schools that’s already doing it! WNYC reports on how it’s working and the enthusiasm of students and staff.

Teacher Leaders, gear up!

Teaching Matters is proud to host New York's first teacher leadership summit this June, powered by Teach to Lead.

Sixth Annual Rohatyn Prize
The Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters is now open to applications. Public schools within 100 miles of New York City can apply for the $25,000 award. Spread the word!
Elevate the Teaching Profession

Teaching Matters' Lynette Guastaferro is co-author, with a Baltimore principal, of an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun that describes what's needed to elevate the teaching profession - and benefit students.

Poverty and Education: Holistic Solutions

Many thanks to Richard Buery, Kamar Samuels, and our own Lynette Guastaferro for a frank discussion about poverty's impact on education.

Why Teacher Leadership Matters

Teacher leadership is a high-leverage way of improving schools. We're fully on board - along with the front-line teachers who are central to the process.

Because Students Matter

A better learning experience delivered through the most effective teaching possible can spell success. Every dollar you give helps us develop and implement our school-based teacher effectiveness programs.

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