Empower Principals and Their Teams

New principals need at least two years of focussed support, according to a former principal and current principal coach and institute leader.

Are Teachers Incentivized to Succeed?

There’s a debate about how much money matters in attracting and retaining the best teachers and administrators.

Giving Teachers What They Need

The challenge of bringing great teaching to all students is widely recognized. One key way to help urban students get the education they deserve: support their teachers.

We're Celebrating 20 Years!

All this year, we'll be happily marking 20 years of service to urban schools and students. Our new annual report shows where we've been, and where we're going!

Getting Credit Where Credit is Due!

Teaching Matters launches a micro-credentialing pilot program for teacher-leaders.

Because Students Matter

A better learning experience delivered through the most effective teaching possible can spell success. Every dollar you give helps us develop and implement our school-based teacher effectiveness programs.

Your support is vital to continuing our important work.


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Our focus for the past seven years has been measurably and sustainably increasing teacher effectiveness.

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We are able to innovate with the support of donors who share our goals and support our mission.

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Create an environment where your students and teachers meet the challenges of the Common Core.

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