The Dilemma of Staffing to the Test

The Leadership and Moral Dilemma of Staffing K- 2 Under High Stakes Testing - By Lynette Guastaferro and Nicholas Smith

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Champions of Education Luncheon

We were proud to welcome Brooke Shields and Nina Griscom and who both share our vision to end education inequality.

9th Annual Champions of Education Luncheon

On October 18th we are pleased to recognize Nina Griscom, and welcome Brooke Shields. Brooke will speak on the urgent need to prepare the teachers of our most vulnerable children to close the reading gap, how Teaching Matters is doing just that, and the implications for children's school and lifetime success.

Teaching Matters Stands with Our Dreamers

Teaching Matters urges the Trump Administration to preserve DACA and continue protecting Dreamers. The repeal threatens some of the most talented young people in America, and efforts to dismiss them would hurt our communities and schools.

We Have a Winner!

The Academy of Applied Technology and Mathematics (MS 343) from District 7 in the Bronx is the 2017 Elizabeth Rohatyn Prize for Schools Where Teaching Matters winner.

What Do You Stand For?

Micro-credentials are gaining increased attention as a means to document and recognize skills, achievements and competencies globally - defining what systems value.

The ABCs of Teaching Reading

Teaching reading is complex. Teaching Matters' Early Reading Matters program is tackling the challenge, with great results. CNN reports about how it's being done.

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A better learning experience delivered through the most effective teaching possible can spell success. Every dollar you give helps us develop and implement our school-based teacher effectiveness programs.

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