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Autumn Figueroa

Senior Educational Consultant

Autumn Figueroa is a Senior Educational Consultant with an expertise in Early Literacy Instruction. In this role, she supports educators in developing the content knowledge and pedagogy to improve student literacy. Partnering with school leaders, teachers, and teacher teams to collaboratively analyze data and use formative assessment to drive instruction is a critical component of her work. She also works to provide in the moment coaching and support to teachers and students around all components of literacy instruction to ensure students are mastering foundational skills and building a skillset to increase their literacy achievement.

Prior to joining Teaching Matters Autumn has served as a Classroom Teacher, Curriculum Writer, Instructional Coach, Turn- Around Principal, and Founding Principal in schools across the country. She has worked in both district and charter schools, each presenting their own unique challenges and rewards. Autumn has also worked with the Department of Education in Santiago, Chile to support initiatives to support student achievement and professional growth for all stakeholders. She is passionate about teaching educators how to use data to inform their instruction for all learners and increasing engagement to ensure learning is fun.

Autumn holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and International Relations as well as a Masters in Education from Syracuse University. She also holds a Masters in Administration and Leadership from Relay’s Graduate School of Education in New York City.