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Dan Vazquez

Senior Educational Consultant

Dan Vazquez is a Senior Educational Consultant for Teaching Matters with an expertise in upper elementary and middle school literacy, social studies, special education, implementing effective test sophistication strategies, maximizing the effectiveness of integrated co-teaching, and social-emotional learning including the teaching of mindfulness to both teachers and children. In addition, he has deep experience in developing teacher leaders to coach other teachers and to lead teacher teams, in developing a data-based whole-department PD plan, and in designing curriculum that is rigorous, aligned to the standards, culturally relevant and accessible to all students. As a former school administrator, Dan has been an effective thought partner and collaborator with principals and other school leaders on a wide range of issues including designing assessment systems, designing and implementing instructional coaching cycles, and strategizing about any number of challenges a school leader faces.

Prior to joining Teaching Matters, Dan was a school administrator at a high performing middle school, a master teacher at TEP charter school (named the “Olympics of Teaching” in a 60 Minutes episode), a special educator in an ICT setting for a high performing public school in the East Village. He has a Masters in Education Leadership from Bank Street, a Master of Science in Special Education from Hunter, and a B.A. in Social Studies, an honors-only multidisciplinary course of study, from Harvard University.