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Jonquille Eley

Senior Educational Consultant | MATH

Jonquille Eley prides herself on being an educator and activist.  As a proud Virginian, Jonquille, believes that a community that feels like family is the bedrock of creating a safe space for rigor, innovation, and opportunity to occur.  Past educational experience include over a decade of teaching middle school math and Algebra, school leadership, and math district leadership in New York City and Connecticut. This experience spans both public and private schools.  Her educational interests include developing sustainable systems for schools, concept development and discourse in math classrooms, and access to STEAM opportunities to women and students of color. She is an avid supporter of charter schools in underserved communities.

 As education is paramount,  Jonquille is a graduate of Amherst College and City College of New York.  Concentrations of study include Latin history, African American history, and mathematics education.  She has attended programs at Columbia University and Harvard University for deeper study of DEI work and STEAM in urban education. Being a lifelong learner is a perpetual personal mantra.